Wrap me in gauze to fix my sight

New Years in a Psychiatric Hospital Photographer Pavel Krizstov

Still locked in and choking

Surrounded by silent cotton white

As the water flows airless

Silky stagnation surrendering

To the badges

Skin pale and pink but so

Fragile and cracked purple

Capillaries and yellow tissue

An aging line deeper between your eyes

Cracking only in my mind

As I crack out further

A false sense of a heart beating

A distracted pulse bored and waiting

Faint heat of over haldol holdover hidden behind sick sweat

A slab of meat spoiled on its own

Weeping in sandbagged bed



Valerie Moran-Clark

Healing advocate, mad woman writing for survival, witch. Reclaiming the Bardic tradition with poetry and modern folklore. instagram: @valeriemoranclark